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To ensure your application is not delayed, please read the following before you proceed. Different conditions apply for different domains, so it is important to understand the different types of domain and how they differ from each other.

THE EPOL Management Strategy
Our aim is to offer the best possible web hosting experience for our customers. To acheive this we take responsibility for your web domain and need to have full access to the registry key. This allows us to ensure that your web site can remain usable even in the event that we require to make a server change Should you decide at any time to take charge of your own web site registry key, we undertake to provide this to you in a timely manner. You must be aware that in the event of a server problem restoration of your site may be delayed if we need to redeligate.

How can I tell if the site I want is Available?
Please do not type the name into a web browser to see if it is in use. Firstly there are millions of parked domains that do not show on the web, secondly you may alert someone that there is interest in a particuler mname that they will automatically register for a few days. This is a common practice called tasting. You may be directed to a site that says that the site is for sale, when in fact it was only just registered. We have the tools to search for available sites without this risk. You can call any of our team to find site availability.

Web Domain Billing
Your domain will be billed on a yearly basis for dot com, dot org, dot net etc. Australian sites will be billed every two years. If you transfer a site to us the bill would be from when the site was initiated or last paid.

Domain Billing Scams
Some companies send out bills to you just before your site is due for renewal in the hope that your accounting people will not realize it is not for your site and they will be paid. It is usual that they would bill for a similar name. Please contact us if you are not sure of the chrges on a web related bill.

Business registration.
You may be successful in registering a domain without it being exactly the same as your business name. This is especially true for dot com sites as the main criteria is that the name is not taken. We would suggest that for future prevention of challenge, you should register a business that very closely resenbles the name of your web site. You can do this at the office of fair trading by filling out a form and making a payment to them. You can register for one or two years.

Dot COM Registration.
This is the simplest registration with the only criteria being availability of the name. You should protect your web name as discussed above. Registration including setting up your account on the web server is $?? You may register for up to ten years.

Dot ORG Registration
This web domain is intended for individuals, groups and not for profit organizations. It is fairly easy to register, however be reminded that your organization name should be fairly similar to the web domain chosen.

Dot NET Registration

Basically the same as for dot COM. This domain was originally intended for ISP services, but now it is used by others as well.

Dot COM dot AU Registration
The australian registry is very strict about web domain registration. Not only must your chosen domain name bear considerable similarity to your business name or registered trademark, but also you need to provide positive identification to successfully register your domain. There are two main means of identification. First the State ABN from your business registration with the Office of Fair Trading. Seconed is you business ABN. Remember your ABN may change and if is does you will need to provide your new ABN to renew your domain. Setup cost is $145 including two years registration.

Dot NET dot AU Registration
This is the same as for dot com dot au with the same identification required. Cost is $?? per two years.

Charges as follows:-

dot COM dot AU registration - $ 145 for 2 years

dot COM dot AU renewal - $ 95 for two years

dot NET dot AU registration - $ 145 for 2 years

dot NET dot AU renewal - $ 95 for two years

dot ORG dot AU registration - $ 70 for 2 years

dot ORG dot AU renewal - $ 30 for two years

dot COM registration $70 for one year

dot COM renewal $35 for one year

dot NET registration $70 for one year

dot NET renewal $35 for one year

dot ORG registration $50 for one year

dot ORG renewal $30 for one year

Other domains - please ask

Move Website from $90 (depends on time to renewal)


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