EasyAs Internet Email Accounts


Every plan includes email accounts on your own domain. The mini plan includes one email address on the server with a pop mail box. All mail addresses advertised on your web site must be delivered to a mailbox on your server. We have several reasons for this including the fact that in the past customers have changed Internet Service Providers and failed to let us know. Yhe mail bounces and does not get delivered. At least if a mailbox is filled on your domain we can contact you and direct you to read it via web mail services.

Web Mail is a standard offering on every domain. To use this facility you need to know your email address and the password for that account. On any internet computer, simply add /webmail to the end of your web address and log in. You will be able to read, send and delete any message on your server. If you require more space while on leave, just contact us and we will arrange it for you.

Forwarders are a facility where an address is directed to another address. We discourage the use of forwarders to deliver mail away from your server, however they can be useful for marketing and in the event you want an address that can be easily discarded.

Please make sure that you discuss techniques for masking your email address on web pages with your web developer. There are several effective ways that will prevent spam harvesters from easily getting hold of your email address.

All email sent to our server will be scanned for virusses and spam. If they are found to fit either of these categories they will be deleted. If you need mail to be delivered regardless of content, please arrange to setup a white list.

Any domain that is found to be transmitting spam emails will be suspended imediately. You will be notified if this happens so you can take action. Our server has generous limits in place for checking your email. Please ensure you set a value of around 3-5 minutes as a minimum value in your email client. If you have a valid reason to send many emails via your server, please let us know. You should however be nominating your isp's mail server fo outgoing mail to prevent any issues.


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