EasyAs Internet Greener Approach


Where there is a choice for a "green" option and a not so green option we will always promote the green option. You might think there is not much we can do to help but every little bit helps. For our small part we will be sending out our invoices via email to reduce the cost to the envirionment due to the paper used, the fuel used to deliver paper invoices and so on. We also have decided to use a quarterly billing cycle for most of our services to reduce the number of transactions. Obviously there is a saving to us that we pass on by holding our charges lower.

The other side to this of course is that any customer who wishes to have a bill posted will be charged for the cost of providing this additional service.

If you wish to have your invoice mailed, please let us know so we can make arrangements for an earth scorching postal motorcycle delivery.

Other ways you can help reduce waste and greenhouse gas are many and varied. You can fit CFL flourescent lights at the smallest wattage that you require for each area. When you buy a new cmputer make sure you ask for a model that is as energy efficient as possible. The new computer use as little as half the electricity which saves for you and the planet. Make use of online shopping so that you are not running your car so much. Take a walk or use public transport when you are able to. Every little bit helps.

Here are a few websites to get you started.


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