EasyAs Internet Mini Web Card Hosting


You want a web address you can use on your business material. You would like to have your own email address that never changes regardless of what ISP provides your internet service. You don't want to fuss with a full web site with all the setup cost that is required to initiate a full website.

The MIni Web might be just what you are loooking for. Light easy and one low annual payment. You get a single page that tells your customers who you are, where you are and what you do. You get a real web address that can be promoted to a full website whenever you want to.

What you dont get is loads of web space. Huge email boxes or lots of email addresses. This is inexpensive and basic.

50MB server allocation for email messages. About 1MB will be used by the page content.
One email address of your choice. Additional email addesses can be arranged.
3 email forwards to your main email box
Settingss are provided to setup your email address
No live technical support

Setup Cost -
$150 (One time fee)
Cost - $99 per year (Billed via PDF invoice to your email)
As our effort to be environmentally conscious, a hard copy invoice fee of $5 will be introducd from 30th June 2008


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