EasyAs Internet Server Technologies


There are some folk who have just "got" to know what happens behind the sand bags before we touch off the fuse. In this area we will try to enlighten the visitor or the casually curios with some insight into the nuts and bolts in the engine room.

EPOL management team has researched the various server technologies and finally decided to make use of a system referred to as VPS or "virtual private server". We have a fixed portion of a physical machine that is shared with other users. Our sites are completely independent of any other site on the actual hardware.

We administer our sites using Web Host Manager and CPanel. This has many configuration options that we have tweaked to ensure the best possible security. All of our sites are fully managed and we aim to keep downtime to almost zero. Currently availability is stated to be better than 99.7%.

Whats under the hood? I can hear you saying. Even though the actuall hardware is not really so important, there is many a curious person who would like to know what makes us tick

Our server runs on dual processor dual core AMD Opteron 64 bit processors (4 Core CPU's), we have a dedicated 512MB of system memory for the running of our web sites. The operating system is Linux for long term stability. Theoretically we should be able to host over 200 web sites before we would need to place another server. The reality however is that we may need a second server sooner to allow for load sharing and balancing.

The most load on our server is email processing. To keep this under control we have a zero tolerence policy with regards to spam and virus loaded email. All known spammer IP addresses are automatically rejected unless the web site owner has filled a white list to allow the email in. We are aware that this takes some effort, however the majority of our customers ask for the highest setting to be enabled.


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