You are not alone - so with respect ... on this page I will revert to the very basics

As one of my clients once told me ....."Brain Surgery is easy if you are a Brain Surgeon."

I was rambling on about the workings of his website and I thought he knew what I was talking about.

So don't be embarrassed, there are a lot of people out there that don't understand what websites are all about and how they work.

Again, with respect, I believe that if you are visiting this page and you are at this level then you will be looking for a professional to design your site and to offer you advice.

I don't believe in trying to baffle you with science and I am not out to try and impress you with my technical knowledge, honestly those guys that love to talk I.T. rocket science still confuse me........ so there fore lets commence.

You are thinking about having a website for your business or for self promotion etc etc.

SIMPLE COMPARISON ..... Compare websites to buying a new car.

You have an idea of what you want, you know what you want your "New Car" to be able to do certain things... i.e. run economically and save you money, need a 4WD to go offroading, or you might need something big to tow a boat. One like a Holden or a Ford, or a Japanese style car. Obviously they come in different price ranges.

Well that is basically the same with a website, you can have a very simple site or one with worts and all, or a basic Online Shop or you can have a full business solution site. Or one similar to so and sos website style.

Okay - back to the New Car theory - you go looking for a Car Dealer to price / look and maybe buy one then and there ... (websites = web designers ... you found STUDIOQUIGS via EasyAs Internet in this case)

Right after consultation and agreeing to terms you have your new car.

First thing you must do with your new car is register it ..... (websites = the URL address, that means that you have to register a domain name for your new website .... your WWW, for example
PLEASE NOTE: you can register your domain name prior to obtaining a website.

Okay - New Car Theory again .......... we now have a new car (your website) and it is registered for use ( you can drive it on any public roads etc but it has no petrol so it won't run ..... we now have to put and keep fuel in the car to keep it going on the road. (websites = your website hosting with a server - it means your monthly costs etc etc - your website has to be put up on a server for it to be picked up on the internet)

Don't panic ... EASYAS INTERNET can arrange all these stages for you.

If you are still confused or need more information then I am only a phonecall or an email away so if you want to call me or email me I will get back to you asap.


You can shop around and will more then likely find cheaper domain name registration and web hosting then EasyAs can provide (they are my preferred server) but these cheaper offers can provide unwanted holdups and problems 'down the road'.

And like everything else in this world today - time is money. What you loose on the Ferris Wheel you gain on the Merry-Go-Round.

And Some cheaper versions can turn downright nasty.

I like to deal with people with names and when a glitch happens in the system - and believe me it can, and when it does it is usually above and beyond ours or any others control, then I can get onto the phone, ring the name and get some attention. None of this "Your call is important to Us" wait 45 minutes, then get the problem attended too four days later.

THAT IS ABOUT IT FOR THE VERY BASIC EXPLANATION..... I hope it helped. Cheers . Jeff