Web Apps - Intro

Web Apps are a fantastic way to populate content within your website. They are so versatile and easy to create.


Web Apps framework allows anyone who is not technical to create powerful web-based applications. For example a real-estate listings application can be created where listing can be displayed on any web page. You have complete control on the look and feel and the layout of listings.

Listings can also be searched through using a point-n-click search builder functionality which can be added to any web page. Customers searching through real estate items can add them to their "favorites" list and easily retrieve these in the future.

You can create just about any Web Apps including book reviews, travel packages, job listings, customer testimonials or car catalogues (as shown on the right). In fact, you can use Web Apps to create almost anything.


(When this is set up the absolute beginner can use it within their own site - it is very basic - no rocket science involved)


Features Exclusive to All-in-One Solution


Web Apps

  • A framework to create any type of content, e.g. job listings, real-estate listing, a car catalogue etc using a point-n-click approach
  • Create any number of web apps (web applications)
  • Use various modules to easily publish web apps on your website, e.g. all web apps, latest web apps, random web app, web apps within a classification and so forth
  • Allow customers to search within any web app on your site. The system will generate a search form that matches the schema of your web app.
  • Allow customers to submit, edit and delete web app items via your website. Optionally you can be notified when they do.
  • Make any web app item secure
  • Easily share and syndicate any web app items using RSS
  • Allow customers to submit comments on any web app item
  • Report on web apps and drill down to see item usage
  • For faster management use Import feature to manage your entire web app catalogue of items from a single Excel file

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