Features of next generation business web

One major advantage of your next generation online business facility is that it is fully integrated, not to mention the amazing range of features and functions, both above and below the surface.

What this means to you as a online business site operator and to your site visitors and customers / clients ;

The entire suite of features are fully connected, each component is part of your overall facility. The result allows the online business to maintain a consistent corporate branding look and feel, while allowing the advanced sections to seamlessly provide an advanced simple to use website to your visitors / customers.

Integration is also important so that you and your clients are not required to use multiple usernames and passwords at each touch point to connect to each component of the facilities that comprise your advanced online business. (Non integration is often a reason why customers go elsewhere when they have continuous user identity / login problems).

By using this fully integrated approach, you are not patching together a bunch of unrelated 3rd party components such as shopping cart, customer relationship management , electronic marketing campaigns, content management. Such 3rd party components comprise individual look and feel which can require intense and expensive customization to place into a normal website, and yet will still not be integrated, just linked with a menu links.

Those 3rd party components are not designed and developed in a collaborated design and testing environment. It is therefore possible that one day an upgrade could / would disrupt your entire online operation and require unplanned and expensive re-coding.

The Next Generation online business system makes the site owners life easy, while allowing the freedom of design and corporate identity to completely flow throughout the site. That is an advanced online business, allowing the business owner to easily use the integrated tools for full control and reporting on each facet of the online activity in real time if desired. Even automatic workflow reports and weekly summaries delivered to those in the organisation that need to keep a finger on the pulse. Important workflow delivery can be via email and or TXT / SMS.

Individual next generation online business features are listed in the below and are individually detailed and described with an example. Alternatively you can select specific features in main navigation menu or simply follow the feature path.

Feature path


content management
customer relationship
marketing campaign manager
image galleries
secure restricted member only areas
FAQ manager
Blog manager
Event booking manager
ad rotator manager
affiliate program management
webform manager
pod cast
RSS feed manager
shopping / ecommerce
multiple pricing - retail / wholesale, etc
gift vouchers
discount code management
dynamic menu manager
web app manager